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Mr Green SOLD
Mr BlackSOLD
Mr Orange SOLD
Mr Orange Rosie SOLD
Mr Brown Rosie SOLD
Mr Yellow Rosie SOLD
Mr Brown ICT Clear SOLD
Mr Red Rosie SOLD
Mr Blue Ellie SOLD
Mr Maroon Ellie SOLD
Mr Grey ICT Clear SOLD
Miss White Ellie Sold
Miss Pink Ellie SOLD
Miss Purple Rosie SOLD
Miss White Rosie SOLD
Mr Orange Ellie SOLD
Mr Army Green Remi SOLD
Mr Sky Blue Ellie SOLD
Mr Red Ellie SOLD
Mr Green Remi SOLD
Mr Purple Ellie SOLD
Miss Yellow Ellie SOLD
Mr Green Rosie SOLD
Miss Pink Rosie SOLD
Mr Blue Rosie SOLD
Mr Maroon Rosie SOLD
Mr Sky Blue born 8-8-16 SOLD
Mr Blue born 8-8-16 SOLD
Mr Red born 8-8-16 SOLD
Mr Beige born 8-19-16 SOLD
Mr. Maroon born 8-8-16 SOLD
Miss White born 8-8-16 SOLD
Miss Blue born 8-19-16 SOLD
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