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1.  DO YOU SELL YOUR PUPPIES WITH FULL OR LIMITED REGISTRATION?   We only sell our puppies with limited registration but we will consider working with a buyer to eventually have a puppy changed from limited to full.  For us to allow full registration we expect the prospective buyer to do the same things we have done by getting all the health checks passed.  This involves heart, hips and elbows, and eyes.  Of course we reserve the right concerning full registration in all circumstances.  The purchase price for limited registration is less than the price for full registration therefore the buyer would have to pay an additional amount after the two years and all health clearances are passed for us to then allow for full registration and full breeding rights.  Additionally our Kennel name would have to be included in the naming of the dog...Cold Spring Mountain Retrievers.


Full or Limited Registration: We rarely consider selling our puppies as breeders.  We would only sell one as a breeder if the buyer is willing to get all the health clearances done...heart, hips, elbows and eyes and send us proof after two years.   In addition we reserve the right to interview  and  have additional agreements signed before going forth with full registration.  We reserve the right to decline any prospective buyer who wants to breed.   We would require an additional payment of at least $1000.00 or more depending on the lines being purchased.

2.  WHAT TYPE OF PAYMENTS DO YOU PRFER?  We prefer paypal but anyone who uses this must add additional money for paypal fees...usually around 3%.  Any final payment through paypal must be made 48 hour in advance so it will clear.  If we are meeting you with your puppy we prefer cash or cashiers check.