Our goal is to provide great dogs that are happy, healthy and great BEST FRIENDS

ANNOUNCEMENT...Kimber and Koda should have puppies mid July 2023.  Call ASAP to get on the waiting list.  They will go fast.  Please read our GOOGLE REVIEWS. English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies.    EVERYBODY needs a BEST FRIEND and Goldens do it RIGHT.  Your Best Friend could be a text or phone call away. 423 620 0668  Terry and Julie Bailey.  Click on the menu bar...PUPPIES AVAILABLE to see many puppies that are in their new homes.  Please explore our website about our guarantee, testimonials, services/cost and give us a call if you want to get on our waiting list. Before we place a puppy we have to talk first so please give us a call.  If you get our voicemail please send a text and we will call you back.  423-620-0668  Julie and Terry Bailey.  

The video below was sent to us by a family who got Milo from us in 2023.  He is on his way to being a STAR!!!


Biscuits is almost 6 months old and he is THE SWEETEST and THE SMARTEST and the MOST PERFECT PUPPY I could have ever imagined having in my life. The vet says he is perfect and healthy and will grow up to be a big strong boy. We get stopped on the streets constantly by people who talk about how beautiful he is and how sweet he is. He is wonderful with other dogs and with the neighborhood kids. We are doing advanced training for him because he picks up training so quickly and is so smart. My experience with Julie and Terry was really wonderful. They are so kind and helped me pick out a puppy when I had a hard time choosing. I told them about what I was looking for and they thoughtfully helped me decide on my perfect companion. There is no doubt these pups are loved from day 1 and I am so grateful I found Cold Spring Mountain Retrievers when searching for my forever best buddy.

Put yourself in this picture.  The puppies have a lot of love to give.  Many studies have been done showing the tremendous value of owning a loving pet for families and individuals.

This is Winnie and her new puppies born Oct. 13th, 2022. We only offer the White Golden Retriever Puppies.  Please click on the menu and explore our website about Services, Cost, and Health Clearances, etc. 

This pictures above was taken hours after they were born. It always is amazing how the Lord has designed things to work so well for these little fellows and the Mom to know what to do.  We are so thankful at Cold Spring Mountain Retrievers to help you find your new next best friend.

TESTIMONIAL...We were so happy with the puppy we got from Cold Spring Mountain Retrievers in December, 2014, that we went back this year (2020) when it was time to get a second. Our six year old and new puppy are getting along fabulously. Terry and Julie are lovely to work with. They kept us updated with pictures and videos during the first few weeks and they were organized and ready to go when it was pick-up day. Both dogs are healthy, beautiful, and have such friendly personalities. Maybe in another six years we will get another! Thank you, Cold Spring Mountain Retrievers for Copland and Kagan!

Holly R. Vradenburg

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney

County of Albemarle NC

Family pets are the best

  Check out this link from one of our satisfied customers.  The ORANGE link above.   Our goal has always been to place happy healthy puppies in great homes.  We offer a 2 year guarantee and our service is for the lifetime of your new best friend.  Eye candy WHITE golden retrievers.



 Last year we were looking for a golden retriever online and found the Baileys. When we arrived for our first visit we were not disappointed! The set up they have is very professional. When they took us to see the puppies we fell in love immediately! The hardest part was making the decision! All of the puppies were absolutely beautiful and perfect. We finally did decide on a little boy. Best decision we’ve ever made! We brought him home on the next visit and my son and his wife came to meet him, they were smitten immediately! We knew that Terry still had a little girl available so we went back and bought her for them. We have just fallen in love with Terry and Julie as well. You won’t find better breeders that love their dogs! If you’re looking for a English Golden, this is the place. 

Gary and Eleanor.

Ashley Glass Blogger picking up her family puppy

Let us put your family in this  picture. We are always

 delighted when we have families in our living room

 picking up their new best friend.   Look up Ashley 

Glass on instagram.  She has info about her new 

puppy and us.  Also she is a great photographer

 you should consider for your next event.

Our Dogs now use NuVet K9 Waffers.  Click on the link below to place your order for this amazing product that can help keep your puppy and older dogs healthy.

One of our Puppies in his new home
RECEIVED THIS FROM ONE OF OUR HAPPY OWNERS...THANKS SO MUCH.  WE LOVE PUTTING HEALTHY HAPPY PUPPIES IN GREAT HOMES....Mr Bailey... Have been meaning to contact you .... I can not even begin to express what a beautiful dog  Murphy (aka mr sky blue) is.... He not only is a beautiful on the outside - he is the sweetest animal... fun, adaptable, personality plus, loving and very trainable. I don't know what we did without him! We had been displaced due to a mold situation in our home- therefore wherever I went, Murphy went. He caught the attention of countless people everyday and they always asked to say hi and pet him. I share your website with all the golden lovers. He is a walking advertisement lol.  I am so very thankful we found your site. He was perfect from day 1- no worms.. no diarrhea.. no vomiting ... Healthy and happy. I will gladly give a referral anytime you may want one... Couldn't be happier w overall experience. Thank you so very much! 
Here's a pic of Murphy resting after lots of play...haven't made it to beach yet but that's next :)
We love him so very much! And didn't know how much we needed him till we had him- he lights up everything! Sincerely, many, many thanks!!
Are you sure you want just one?

Since we live with these dogs, and are with the puppies from birth to going to your home, we want you to know that we are involved in helping you pick the best puppy for your needs.  We will find out, as we talk with you, what would be a good fit for your needs.  No one knows the temperament of the Dam and Sire and the puppies better than us.  Therefore, as the breeder,  we reserve the right to have the final decision as to which puppy is best for you. Beautiful European English Golden Retrievers.

So smart they can drive a boat.  Ha Ha

We have amazing puppies.  This one has


been taught to drive a boat.  Hopefully no one 

is being pulled behind skiing.  HA!  HA!

Young lady with her new Service Dog

This young lady and her Dad came

 to our home and picked up her 

new best friend on April 26,

 2018...Mr. Blue.    He will be her

 Service Dog

Golden Retrievers make great service dogs

We have dogs now who are diabetic alert service dogs, and service dogs to assist folks and dogs who help with therapy.  Golden Retrievers are the BEST.

Two of our Guardian Families

Two of our wonderful Guardian Families with their 

Dogs...Daisy and Cabela. The families we pick to be

 guardians are carefully picked.  Wonderful families

 who love and care for these dogs as family.

High fives from this special Retrieve

This is Cabela at our recent Puppy Fun Day.  She is with one of our trusted Guardian families. This is a program we love that puts our dogs in great homes and allows us to get wonderful puppies too.  She has passed all her health clearances and soon will enter our program to bring you more wonderful puppies.  Talking about SMART.  Does High Fives and goes to get in the tub for a bath if you mention a bath. One of the smartest dogs we have seen.

Golden Retrievers make great service dogs

Have you ever seen anything more Adorable?    This handsome male went to his new home in September 2016 and will be trained as a diabetic  alert service dog.  The training is extensive and the new owner will be investing a considerable sum.  We at Cold Spring Mountain Retrievers are so happy for this new puppy and his adventurous life ahead.  All of our dogs are European White or Creme Golden Retrievers.

Christmas puppy for your home


NEWSFLASH: We were contacted by the Jimmy Fallon show to use our puppies on his show but our puppies were too young.  Maybe next time

 See more adorable pictures at #coldspringmountainretrievers on Instagram.  Also you can check out our blog created by #lightandletterphotography at

These dogs make the best of the best dogs for pets, great friends, and hunting dogs.  Our dogs come from outstanding bloodlines like Dewmist, Ashbury, and Erinderry.  Of course these are English Golden retrievers from European decent.   Folks who see these dogs for the first time have a hard time NOT staring at them.  Their beautiful almost white coats and the dark black eyes and nose that stand out make them a real attraction.  Champions in our bloodlines means outstanding quality...this is our goal and commitment to you.

Puppies from our Living Room to yours.

We love equipping our puppies for whatever they may experience in your home. They're loving, attentive friends but also amazing athletes. Squeaking toys, old shoes, shotguns, shells and ducks are all incorporated in their day-to-day helping to make them the most versatile companions we can offer. Get one as a beautiful addition to your family or your newest little hunting buddy. We can't wait to see what these beauties become for you! 

Click on the orange link below to visit a blog from one of our satisfied referrals.

New puppy with her new be trained as a service dog.

Kai is in the hands of his new owner...Piper.

He is from a litter born Feb 1st 2016.

Kai will be trained as a SERVICE DOG.  I am sure 

he will have a great life.

Put me down so I can run

Remington getting tender loving 


Bring on the Ducks I am ready

I am more than ready to

 retrieve those ducks you

 bring down.

Let's go!

Hikes in the mountains of Tennessee

We love taking our dogs on hikes.

  This is a remote park above

Erwin Tennessee.  Such a pristine

 and untouched area.   

Our 6 girls and the Mommy

Julie and I have been blest with 6 lovely daughter and two sons.  She is in the middle just as pretty as all the girls. YEAH.

We love our Golden Retrievers
We love our dog family and appreciate the loyalty these dogs have to us.
This is our children, their husbands or wives, and our grandchildren.  We are truly blest of the Lord.


Thank God we have our rescue retriever with us. Ha! Ha!  Enjoy

Are you sure you want just one?

Are you sure you want just one?  We have had families get 2 and Golden Retrievers are great to get along with other pets and one another.